The Churnet Chronicles

September 4, 2019

Hello All, and welcome to my new Blogsite, The Churnet Chronicles.

Email. Pah! Shmemail!

I am chuffed to bits to be able to use this, it’s going to hugely improve things. Gone are the days of me having to select from my large collection, just a few choice piccies because the email won’t send more than four at a time.

As for Dropbox, which fills up and doesn’t allow any more unless I pay to upgrade, or the stupid Firefox Send, which expires after six days, and you can only open it if you too have Firefox on your computer…well, bollocks to them as well!

At last, by doing it this way all of those problems have been solved. Now I have all the space here that I need to send you plenty of text of our adventures—(which I always have done anyway,) as well as maps, and of course, lots of photographs.

It’s all thanks to Chris, my new pal and fellow boater who helped me set it up—good man!

I wanted a picture to put up as a header, and the old Bluesphinx—from a long dead and previous project, was just hanging around, gathering dust, so I thought ‘The very man!’ and The Churnet Chronicles was born.

Yeah, I know, a blue sphinx has got nothing to do with narrowboating or canals, but so what…I just like the look of it.

Good innit!? Waddya think?

So, without further ado, let’s crack on with the latest waterborne goss…

Where did I leave it last time?

Oh yes, there we were about to leave the lovely environs of Foxton Locks.

You will see this in more detail on the following page