Prepare yourself…A storm is coming!!

February 14, 2009

 I received this humorous e-mail the other day from a friend who I have previously spoken to on the subject of the many evils of the global capitalist ruling cabal, but he doesn’t take life too seriously, often dismissing as foolish or misguided my viewpoint, and is, I think, in need of hearing some home truths.…

 “Hello My Fellow Brother, It has been in my thoughts that you, your very good self is a MAN of cause and has a true understanding of this complete ass fuck of a so called free state in which we abide, to add to you incline and well educated thoughts on this subject I Mr Paul Daniel M******ey would like to bless you with the following evidence that in absolutely no doubt whatsoever backs up you cause for concern……. Today, The 14/02/2009 approximate time 00.00hrs left my Humble abode to forsake in a mission for the gathering of tobacco. For reasons other than the environment, concern of others, my health and of course THE LAW.. Decided upon the use of my Bicycle as means of transportation. Merrily on my way enjoy in the peace and tranquillity of a late and almost ghost like journey towards the drinking metropolis which may support my needs came across the protectors of society (the rozzers). For which two came dashing towards, battens underhand and paused my journey of much importance (spilff). Hoping I could be of assistance and to uphold the law in away in which any fellow citizen would I halted my Bicycle. ONLY TO BE CONFRONTED WITH SOME DEGENRATE FEKLESS MORON WHTH A  BIG ATTITUDE PROBLEM WHO HAD NO CONCERN IN THE WELL BEING OF THE PUBLIC. ONLY WHITH THE EXPRESSING OF HIS PENT UP AGREESION  BECAUSE HE HAD HAD TO SIT AND WATCH OTHER PEOPLE ENJOY THEIR EVENING THE BEST WAY THEY CAN and then threaten myself with the removal of my hard earned money unless I disembark my means of transportation. I have to admit I am proud of my self control in not reacting to this taunt… And can now sit in some kind of freedom and express my views. Please excuse the grammar and hope you can dissever the text.. (VERY STONED NOW) *************************UP THE REVOLUTION,READY FOR DUTY SIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*******************************************”

 I answered thus;

“Very amusing Paul, I’d wager you had wrapped your laughing gear around something of similar dimensions to a Winston Churchill cigar! But the message, though humorous carries a serious undercurrent-if you think this is bad, just wait (not too many years) until we are all I.D.carded. And pushed around by the one-world Army! Then the next move will be microchipping the whole population, so that they can track our every move by satellite 24/7. They will then be able to manipulate even our thoughts electronically, and remotely, like they can give us extra Sky TV channels. This will happen very subtly, it will be designed to happen without you even noticing until it’s too late-an example of this-take a look back over the last ten years, how many of our laws are now governed from Europe?

Did you notice it happening at the time-I’ll bet you didn’t! Very few of us did, and of those that did notice, the ones who tried to warn us were either shut up or smeared. The Illuminati is real and it runs the show. The system doesn’t like boat-rockers, whistle-blowers, and ‘trouble-makers’! It doesn’t take ‘No’ for an answer either-if you come back with a ‘No’ vote on something they want then they’ll just keep putting the vote across until they get a ‘Yes’ vote. So unless WE ALL do something to put a halt to this creeping totalitarianism we cannot have an honourable answer when our children ask us “Where were you when you had a chance to save our freedom Daddy?”

 “But what can I do?” I hear you ask. Well the first thing is to get your arse into gear and watch these things I’ve been trying to get you to watch. Stop fucking about with the trivialities that you are encouraged by them to fill your time with-it’s all a smoke screen mate! Watch the movies, and take it from there. DO SOMETHING! Don’t just talk a good fuck.

You want to join the revolution-then start by taking seriously the threats that I have tried to warn you about.

You want to join the revolution-watch the films-and BELIEVE!

You want to be part of the revolution-sign up to the movements.

You want to join the revolution-start defacing banknotes.

Sorry it’s a hard message, but it has got to sink in that I am deadly serious-I’m not fucking about here, I have opened my eyes, and now I can see it all around me-every day, and I wish I too were still living in blissful ignorance. But I cannot un-see the very real evidence that’s all around us every day, hiding in the corners of our eyes. It’s like living in the Matrix!

Anyway, have a nice day! Speak soon, Steve.”


I am now going to elaborate upon the subject;

Before we go any further, always remember this, never forget who you are and the person you have been up until now! Keep a hold of your own sense of who you are, do not change-it is essential to keep your sense of humour, and always live your life in the manner in which you had always intended to live it. Just add the following principles and actions to it.

Firstly, never think that any armed revolution is going to succeed-IT WILL NOT!!

Violence will only ever be met with more extreme violence, and considering that the best we could do against them would be like throwing stones at an army equipped with missiles, we’d be on a futile hiding to nothing! All that will happen is that they will turn their armed dogs on you and you will loose, and some of you will die, and they will carry on as before, only with an even heavier hand, and a greater excuse for more control of your lives.

 So who are they? The ruling elite, the ‘Illuminati’ made up of politicians, world leaders the corporatocracy and the religious elite.

The best way for you to understand who they are is for you to take a look at this,

 Yes, it will mean you having to devote three whole hours of your life to watching it but just think, if you can sit through five hours of Eastenders each week then this will be a walk in the park! And it is FAR MORE IMPORTANT! So get on with it. You can even break it down into half hour segments if the whole thing is too much for you. Anyway the man names some amazing names, and now that you are aware of who you are dealing with, what can you do to block their devilish plans?

 Start by looking at the world that they present to you through very sceptical eyes. If you begin from the viewpoint that any information they give you is either bogus or even a downright lie, you will not go far wrong. If they say that it’s black, it is probably white-even thought they may have done a good job of covering it in black!

 Keep an eye out for the news on the internet-it is the last bastion of uncensored uncontrolled freedom we have left. Don’t take anything that the ‘media’ news says as truth-it is all owned and controlled by them-so you’ll only get the messages that they want you to receive. If you do watch the media news, never take seriously anything that carries a political slant, learn to see what’s hidden between the lines, and only be entertained and amazed by the trivial irrelevancies. Crumbs that they throw in to keep you amused and docile.

 Be careful not to jump upon the bogy-man bandwagon. If you believed everything that they tell you then you’ll be living in a horrible little world mostly populated by paedophiles, terrorists, murderers, rapists, burglars, and many other assorted criminals-all out to get YOU!! And to help keep you safe from all these criminals it becomes necessary to increase the level of control and surveillance, but don’t worry, if you are innocent, and have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear.

 Well as I said, don’t condemn with too much haste. Yes obviously, there are bad people out there, but they are a small minority. The worst of them by far are the ones who wear ten thousand dollar suits; they have great plans, and huge resources for controlling you/our lives.

 Don’t be too quick to follow the brainwashed herd. If you look closely enough you may see that the ‘bogey-man’ is very often a freedom fighter, who is fighting a great injustice, and he should be applauded and supported. It is by having you believe that he is the bogey-man that very lucrative conflict is created.

 No matter how impassioned their tones when they tell you that they care about you, that they only have your interests at heart, do not fall for it-it’s all bullshit. They just see all of us as the gullible, manipulateable herd, the masses, the great unwashed-except for our brains that is! And we are ALL TOTALLY EXPENDABLE! If you don’t buy it, just consider these points;

 1 When was the last time a really good humanitarian idea came from them-one that comes without consideration of a price-tag. Or something where they are not principally considering what might be in it for them?

 2 If they are so concerned about our health and wellbeing, why do they continue to claw taxes from our smoking and drinking habits, instead of banning them in the same way that they have banned hard drugs-are tobacco and alcohol not hard drugs?

 3 Why do they preside over a currency based system that locks in poverty and hardship for most of us for all of our lives. Because of this system debt and struggle and the drudgery of a lifetime of unfulfilling work on the hamster wheel with millions of other poor drones is the lot for most of us. With no respite at the end of it because that hard earned and saved-for pension will be next to worthless when the time comes to use it.

 4 ‘CAPITALISM’- It is a system that even though there is great abundance in the world, only allows great scarcity, because without scarcity its whole structure would crash to the ground like a house of cards, and they would loose their control over us and become us, and to them this very concept is anathema.

 5 If they cared about our wellbeing, why do they continue to encourage war and conflict, designed to continue indefinitely-it’s not us, the little people who start these wars, it is the ones with the power to stop the wars who start them in the first place. Why? Because armed conflict is so very lucrative.

 So what can we do about it?

 Do not be scared of being ridiculed, remember you are not the only one with this belief, there are millions of others. If someone calls you a conspiracy theorist, be proud-regard it as a compliment!

 Never co-operate with them. Remember any idea that they come up with will cost us dear and is only brought up because there is something in it for them. I.D. cards are a perfect example.

 NEVER, EVER join, or allow any member of your family to join the military or the police or the intelligence agencies. No matter how good an offer the recruitment adverts put across. They may show you illustrations of young healthy people enjoying a well-paid life of hang gliding adventure and water-skiing, But make no mistake, your job if you join up is to endure horrors beyond your wildest nightmares. And should you be unlucky enough to get hurt by it-forget about being looked after by them when, in pieces, you return home, you will be left to fend for yourself. Don’t believe it? Then do some research! If you join one of these organisations all you are doing is risking your own precious life for the ideals of someone else. They WILL turn you into an unfeeling robot, and evict your humanity.

 If no-one joins these organisations then, in time, the controllers will have no storm troopers to use against the rest of us.

 Never listen to the media News-get all your news from the internet-it is our saviour.

 In bold red letters write the message on small denomination banknotes, “You people had better wake up and understand that there are people out there directing your lives and you don’t even know it… to learn more visit this site…http//” for example.

  Watch the movies

 Spread the word. Tell everyone, even those who don’t want to hear it, there is no challenge in preaching to the converted.

 Send all junk mail, and scam/spam e-mails back to their senders with these three links attached-do it often!!

Join the movements.

Hopefully, we can work towards building a society that REALLY cares about the welfare and wellbeing of each and every human being on this planet.

 A society that has denounced the madness and iniquity of currency. A society where crime has been eradicated, and where common sense and justice is the prevailing norm. A society that instead of keeping us shackled allows us as a species to advance on our next evolutionary steps.



I have a new domain, please visit and browse.

December 7, 2008

Hi folks,

  Just a short post to let you all know that I have now acquired my own domain, and I will continue my postings on it from there from now on.

  Within the next few weeks it will be receiving a complete makeover, including a brand new and more dynamic theme, (Which will be set up as I ride the learning curve of its installation)

  You can reach my new site via the instruction at the end of the posts here to read the ‘Full Article’, or directly by typing in:



  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

  Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a great New Year.

  Kindest regards,


Stepping out on the Road to Redemption.

November 18, 2008

So there I was, just recovering from the shock of almost being stitched up by my neighbour at the “Royal” Hotel.

I left the police station that day with no sincere apology for the rough treatment I had received from the forces of law and order-they kicked me out without even offering me a lift home! Choice! Apart from being charged with wasting Police time, I have no idea what became of the feckless moron who lived next door to me.

But at least I was now a free man, and the relief of that was balm enough to soothe my aching nerves.

I had already made the decision that a life on the wrong side of the law was not a good career move-at least not for me and this incident only cemented that notion more firmly into my consciousness.

I needed to prove to the law, my friends, my family, and the people who knew me in the town, that my scallywag days were well and truly behind me, and only the passage of time could prove it-time during which I had to keep my nose cleaner than the Royal Family’s best silver!

I knew that inside this young rapscallion there was a pillar of the community screaming to get out, and I figured that in order to fully unfetter him I first needed to acquire two of life’s essential components. They were,

(1) A decent job,

(2) A much more salubrious address than The Royal Hotel.

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I’m Bluesphinx, read me.

November 5, 2008
Hello out there,
My name is Bluesphinx, at least for the purpose of these blogs. Although I have been e-mailing friends and aquaintances for some time now, Blogging is a new learning curve, so please bear with me.

So who am I?

Well, if you had been attending a certain hospital in Swansea, South Wales in 1958, February to be exact, you would have probably heard me screaming my way into this life. The reason for my stentorian entrance was due to me contracting gastro-enteritis whilst in my mother’s womb, which left me ulcerated from mouth to stomach, and, so I am told, had me just about clinging onto life.

But I got away with it. I pulled through, and went from strength to strength.

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