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Stepping out on the Road to Redemption.

November 18, 2008

So there I was, just recovering from the shock of almost being stitched up by my neighbour at the “Royal” Hotel.

I left the police station that day with no sincere apology for the rough treatment I had received from the forces of law and order-they kicked me out without even offering me a lift home! Choice! Apart from being charged with wasting Police time, I have no idea what became of the feckless moron who lived next door to me.

But at least I was now a free man, and the relief of that was balm enough to soothe my aching nerves.

I had already made the decision that a life on the wrong side of the law was not a good career move-at least not for me and this incident only cemented that notion more firmly into my consciousness.

I needed to prove to the law, my friends, my family, and the people who knew me in the town, that my scallywag days were well and truly behind me, and only the passage of time could prove it-time during which I had to keep my nose cleaner than the Royal Family’s best silver!

I knew that inside this young rapscallion there was a pillar of the community screaming to get out, and I figured that in order to fully unfetter him I first needed to acquire two of life’s essential components. They were,

(1) A decent job,

(2) A much more salubrious address than The Royal Hotel.

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