So just what is the Windfall of the wise?

Windfall of the Wise is a response to the many problems we all share in this life. Problems brought about almost exclusively by the controlling presence of money in our lives.

  The world’s financial institutions are haemorrhaging wealth and security like Niagara Falls. And in response to the crisis incompetent leaders run around like headless chickens, spending our money like a drunken sailor in a tawdry backstreet bordello.

  All the while a global depression inches ever nearer.

  In the present financial climate the stress of living with money is all too evident.

  If you have it, someone is always trying to take it from you. If you don’t have it you know that life can be one hell of a struggle.

  It has been at the root of almost every conflict.

  It is at the bottom of corruption and the majority of all crime.

  It is the absolute cause of poverty and hardship.

  And it rules our lives to such an extent that we are losing our grip on our humanity-every waking hour spent chasing after it, or desperately trying to hold on to what we have already got.

  It can even be argued that the health of Mother Earth herself is in dire jeopardy as a direct result of this absurd pursuit of financial wealth.

  But what if there were other options?


  Windfall of the Wise is a testament, a design for a different and better way of life.

  One lived free from greed, wars, crime, and hardship. It is a life of true security, lived in a happy stable society. One borne of common sense, respect and absolute equality.


  So suspend disbelief. If you cannot open your mind then at least keep it slightly ajar, and see whether you agree or disagree with this author’s argument.


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