About Max

Born in South Wales at the end of the nineteen fifties-just too late to enjoy the freedoms of the 1960’s Max Speed was in fact a child of the seventies. An era he describes as “The last decade of optimism.”

  “So far I have lived a varied life,” He said, “and I have fulfilled the ambitions of many little boys of my generation-namely, I have driven trains, I have been a soldier, and for many happy years I was a fire-fighter. Had I managed to become an astronaut, I would have completed the set!

  I’ve always loved words and art.

  I’ve done the art, and although there are still a million more pictures in my mind that are yet to be immortalised on canvass, I feel it’s now time to pull the words out of my head, and immortalise them in ink.

  About a decade ago I found the perfect subject for my soapbox, but struggled to convey it effectively to my peers-until now.”


  So here it is, his first novel. Windfall of the Wise.

  Some people may call it a wake-up call. Some might call it a rant. Others may describe it as the deranged ravings of a madman. But Max himself refers to it as “A design for a better life, the kind of life that I’d snatch your hand off for if you offered it to me!”


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